Monday – 5/18/2020

Hard to believe the school year is going to end THIS WEEK!!

Today looks like it will be a perfect day to to get a Tabata Workout in.

  • Play the video
  • Follow along with me
  • Take a 2-minute break and replay the video
  • Work hard

Wednesday -5/13/2020


Take a walk with the family today!! Somethings you can do as you walk……

Play “I SPY”

Look for insects and watch what they do

Tell your parents what the different signs you see mean

Collect cool “treasures”

Try NOT to step on cracks

Balance on the curb as you walk (make sure that is safe)

Jump over every stick or log you see

Thursday — 4/30/2020


Check out the Field Day Information section.  Practice the events/games that are fun for you.

Fitness Activity:   14 to 1   —    8 Minutes

Today’s fitness activity is a JUMPING workout.  This is a great Aerobic Workout and will help with you cardiovascular endurance.

If you do not have a jump rope you can use your imagination and pretend you have one!!

Wednesday 4/29/2020

Field Day Update #1

Families, here’s how to participate in OPEN National Field Day:

Step 1:
Go to the Field Day Information Page and check out all the events. Video demonstrations are available on some of the event cards if you click on them.

Step 2:
Practice the events use the Score Card




Step 3:
Use the Complete Equipment List to be sure all equipment is gathered.
Note: Most equipment can be found around the house. If you cannot go out and purchase something on the list, just skip the event. Students will not be penalized in any way for skipping events due to equipment.

Step 4:
Participate with the world at any time on May 8.
👍 Track your scores on the official score card.
😎 Post the action via social media using #SedaliaParkES and #NationalFieldDay
👍 Submit your complete scorecard and photos to  Coach Fitzgerald via email: Have a family member check the card for participation.


Tuesday – 4/28/2020


Check out the May Activity Calendars

May 2020 Elementary – English
May 2020 Activity Calendar – Elementary Spanish
May 2020 Activity Calendar – Secondary English
May 2020 Activity Calendar – Secondary Spanish

Monday 4/27/2020

Beautiful Day!!

Continuing on with the OUTDOOR GAMES Theme

2-Square & 4-Square

Find a space outside and practice your Volley skills.

Remember… Volleying is (1) striking an object (like a ball) back and forth with someone or against something; (2) To hit a ball or object up into the air repeatedly without catching it.

Volley for Younger Students